• The Old Woman.

    Are we expected to believe that the civil service has the structures in place to  calculate the businesses that will go out of business or restructure or lay staff of as a result of the vat increase, or to calculate the number of Irish who go on to purchase through UK internet sites?
    Logistically this would be difficult to police – there will be a reduction in returns  but the true level will never be clearly identified – we have  not put the structures in place to calculate this figure.

    What angers me is the civil services failure to learn- we put it up previously and it didn’t generate the returns –  on what grounds does our civil service   suppose that it will work this time when the economy is under 10 times greater pressure?

    The civil service is playing around with peoples lives – they need to be very sure of their figures
    – when this is wrong and it will be wrong – who in the civil service will lose their job – with-out pay or pension – because I lose mine when they get this wrong- and I have no entitlements anywhere? How fair is that ?