Video | Speeches by Stephen, Shane & Constantin on the fiscal treaty

Here are the speeches by Stephen Donnelly, Shane Ross and Constantin Gurdgiev at our recent town hall meeting in Bray on the fiscal treaty referendum. See here for some of the best moments from the Q&A.

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Stephen Donnelly TD

Shane Ross TD

Constantin Gurdgiev
, Economist

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  • Jens

    no worries, stephen. your children wont be paying this debt accumulated by us.
    in fact, debt can not be repaid, only passed on to another participant in the monetary system.once you realise how our monetary system works in which new money does only come into existence when someone borrows from a bank you will very quickly figure out that all debt is mirrored by the exact amount of wealth.yes, hard decisions have to be made. but not on cutbacks of public spending.we need to discuss and work out (as you are also advocating debt forgiveness of a good chunk of private and public debt) whose wealth is going to be wiped out in order to wipe  debt.i think the last 2 or 3 minutes of constantins speech make a lot of sense. first reduce the debt and then we will vote for the treaty.