Our Manifesto

Today we are launching our very first policy manifesto. It’s called Building a Better Future, 2016-2026. The manifesto sets out our position and approach to a wide variety of topics, under three core pillars:

  1. Tackling Corruption
  2. Building an Irish National Health Service
  3. Demanding Responsible Economics

The manifesto is a ‘working document’ that we will update as we continue to work with people from across society on issues affecting them daily.

The Launch

You can download the manifesto now (click here) and read it for yourself, and we’re also launching it publicly today at 11:30am on O’Connell Street in Dublin.

We chose the iconic location on O’Connell Street for our launch today because the GPO represents the promise of a Republic which was never delivered on and which we should once again strive for. On the other side of the road we have Clerys Department store representing the realities of current policies and the very human cost of those failures.

We believe there is now a new option to build a better future for all.

The entire focus of our framework of policies is to reduce the cost of living for everyone by investing in key public services. Our health policy, for example will be to build an Irish National Health Service. In doing so you reduce healthcare costs whilst providing a quality healthcare system that people can rely on.

Political manifestos are generally huge bland documents that are read by few. We have created a set of practical policies that are accessible and brief yet their implementation would ensure a fairer society for us all.

Building a Better Future (2016 – 2026)

If you like what you read, and want to help us make this document a reality, why not Get Involved?