National Orthopaedic Hospital Cannot Afford Implants

Cappagh used to run six operating theatres. Now it’s just three. Surgeons who used to get one day each week in theatre now get two a month. They can do an average of five procedures a day, but are have been told to stop after three. So instead of doing 20 to 25 procedures a month, the surgeons are doing just six. Why? Because there isn’t the money to buy the implants. For a straight-forward procedure, these cost about €3,000. Some surgeons use ones costing just €1,500. And the patients are not allowed provide this money.

It gets worse. Because now the waiting lists are going to rise again, to more than the HSE’s 15-month target. So it’ll be fined, by the HSE, meaning even less money available, and having to slow down even more… leading to more fines.