More 84x Busses for Winter

I’m pleased to have heard from Dublin Bus that they will be laying on further 84x busses from Dublin over the winter peak period. In August, more 145 buses were put on to offer an alternative to commuters who can also use the 145 and 46. However, since then many constituents have been in contact to tell me that the plan has not reduced the number of commuters from north of Bray using the 84x as expected. As a result, many North Wicklow users who rely on the 84x can still wait hours to catch a bus home.

I alerted Paddy Doherty, Dublin Bus’ Chief Executive to this, and am pleased that he has responded by telling me that a further two 84xs will now run from Dublin City Centre every day at 18.10 from the City Centre and 17.00 from Donnybrook Church. These extra busses started running on Monday October 13 and will hopefully help Wicklow commuters over the winter months.