Things are moving down at Greystones Harbour. Unfortunately, not for the better. NAMA, the SISK Group and Park Developments have agreed that the SISK Group will acquire Park’s interest in the project and the taking on full responsibility. At the same time, Wicklow County Council and an Bord Pleanala have expanded the Harbour scheme to 373 apartments and 1,002 parking spaces, while decreasing public parkland from 18 to 15 acres.

By prioritising apartments over public parks, Wicklow County Council and an Bord Pleanala have shown how little concern they have for the community. This decision has been taken to make the development more commercially viable for the new developer. Throughout this process, the County Council has placed the balance sheet of the developer ahead of the wishes of the people of Greystones. The recommendations of Kevin Moore, Senior Planning Inspector were also overlooked. He said this development constituted: ‘overdevelopment of the site… and would, thereby, be contrary to the proper planning and sustainable development of the area’.

SISK may have taken over the development from Sispar, but it’s still unclear when work will begin again on the harbour. What is certain is that what will now be built will be of less benefit to the people of Greystones.