Donnelly expresses strong concern over proposed changes to Dublin Bus routes.

At a meeting with Dublin Bus officials earlier this week Stephen Donnelly expressed his strong concerns that the proposed changes will constitute a substantive reduction in the level of service provision for the people of North Wicklow, in particular the proposal that the 84 would no longer service UCD and the city centre. “I have requested detailed information from Dublin Bus to ascertain the full impact of the proposed changes and to develop our own counter proposal to the changes” said Donnelly.

Donnelly, who in his private work before becoming a TD worked on the ‘Transport for London’ project has asked Dublin Bus to provide his office with the full route maps for all bus routes in North Wicklow, the rationale for why the changes are being made, the opinion of Dublin Bus as to whether these changes constitute a reduction of service for the people of North Wicklow, and if not why not, passenger numbers for each route, passenger numbers for the proposed changes and financial analysis on the implications for revenue and cost to Dublin Bus of the proposed changes.

Dublin bus has confirmed that no agreement has been reached and they are in the process of consulting with the public. “There is an appeals process to Dublin Bus and the National Road Authority which we will be actively engaging in” said Donnelly.