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Mortgage Debt
Arklow Debt Expo, Saturday April 26

Arklow Debt Expo, Saturday April 26

On Saturday April 26, myself and Local Election Candidate Tom Curran will be holding a day long expo on dealing with debt in the Arklow Bay Hotel from 10 am onwards. The day will consist of two public sessions followed by a series of Free one-to-one consultations. 10am to 11am: Practical options for anyone dealing...
Betrayed by Victorian era debtors' prison mentality

Betrayed by Victorian era debtors’ prison mentality

Last week, thousands of Irish families had their mortgages sold, at large discounts, to foreign companies. As a result, many men, women and children will be needlessly evicted, many lives will be needlessly destroyed, and the profits generated in the process will leave the country. All of this could have been avoided by the Government....
Special Liquidators: Where's the report?

Special Liquidators: Where’s the report?

On February 26th, myself and the Finance Committee asked the IBRC Special Liquidator to release a report by PWC. The confidential report was instrumental to the decision to sell the IBRC loan books on the international market. They declined to do so, but I pushed. Finally, they agreed to release a redacted version. That was...
Who's going to pay for Bank of Ireland's €1.8bn?

Who’s going to pay for Bank of Ireland’s €1.8bn?

On the day that Bank of Ireland announced a plan to repay €1.8bn to the Irish State, I wanted to remind an Tanaiste, Eamon Gilmore that some of this money is coming from citizens whose lives are being ruined by Bank of Ireland. Of the banks that have appeared before the finance committee, Bank of...
Insolvency may just work

Insolvency may just work

In the war on household debt, it was a good week. Last Monday evening, the first Debt Settlement Arrangement (DSA) was signed off in court. Under the arrangement, about 70 per cent of the debt will be written off. DSAs are one of the new processes introduced by the Personal Insolvency Act, and are for...
Another solution to the Mortgage Arrears Crisis?

Another solution to the Mortgage Arrears Crisis?

With Ireland’s mortgage arrears crisis continuing to grow (see the chart below, showing the comparison of late stage mortgage arrears in European countries) the Mortgage Restructuring Arrangement Bill 2013 was proposed by Joan Collins TD. It aims to help with the restructuring and disposal of mortgage arrears and protects the principal private residence. The bill...