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Why I will not take part in this Banking Inquiry

Why I will not take part in this Banking Inquiry

On Tuesday morning the Taoiseach ended any hope of the Oireachtas Banking Inquiry working free of Cabinet control. In an extraordinary statement on the floor of the House, he admitted the Government majority, being railroaded through, was so the Government could set the terms of reference, pass the final report, and ensure they would knew...
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What's Next for the Dáil?

What’s Next for the Dáil?

We’ve been discussing what should be the focus for the Dáil and the Government at the start of 2013. So we thought we’d throw the question open and ask you. Please tell us what you think. Update the survey is closed and the results are in. You can read them here.  
The Children's Referendum: Advocating a Yes Vote

The Children’s Referendum: Advocating a Yes Vote

I held a press conference with some other independent TDs today to advocate a yes vote in the upcoming children’s referendum. The referendum is a positive step towards the protection of children in our society. A yes vote will allow some of the 2,000 children in state care to be adopted by long-term foster parents...
Smiling Irish eyes mean nothing when tens of billions are at stake

Smiling Irish eyes mean nothing when tens of billions are at stake

This article originally appeared in the Sunday Independent on October 21. You can read the original version here. On Friday afternoon, Taoiseach Enda Kenny was sucker-punched by Chancellor Angela Merkel. At the end of a two-day summit in Brussels, a summit at which Team Ireland was desperately trying to get movement on the return of...
So I met the Troika yesterday...

So I met the Troika yesterday…

So I met the Troika yesterday. And it was a very interesting meeting. From their point of view the Government’s programme, which is predicated on economic growth, may need tweaking to reflect changing economic conditions. In short, they’re not sure Plan A is working and they are open to a plan B. I was delighted...