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Decision brings big risks and opportunity

Decision brings big risks and opportunity

The bookies were convinced the United Kingdom would vote to remain in the European Union. And as the results came in on Thursday night, it looked like they were right. London, Scotland and Northern Ireland were voting ‘Remain’ and Nigel Farage was on television conceding defeat. But then it all changed – borough after borough...
Brexit Demands Swift Action

Brexit Demands Swift Action

The UK is Ireland’s largest trading partner, closest neighbour, host to 383,000 Irish citizens; thousands from Wicklow, and our regular political ally. It’s vital that we act swiftly to minimise any potential damage to our national interests, work with the UK to help mitigate potential damage to their national interests, and explore potential political and...
Let's heed the warnings before we lose another decade

Let’s heed the warnings before we lose another decade

This week, the European Commission joined the growing number of Irish commentators warning Ireland of the dangers of cutting the tax base and failing to invest. The draft Post-Programme Surveillance Report made its way into the public domain, and points to a raft of risks for the recovery. If we ignore them and blindly repeat...
So, Have We Learned Nothing from the Crash? It Seems So

So, Have We Learned Nothing from the Crash? It Seems So

Last week the Irish Financial Advisory Council, IFAC, sounded warnings that Fine Gael/ Labour are slipping rapidly into the old Budgetary habits of Fianna Fail. Having lived through the consequences of what short-term, technically incompetent fiscal management can do to a country, this should set off alarm bells for every man and woman in the...
'Perfect gentleman' Trichet Dictated Terms to Ireland

‘Perfect gentleman’ Trichet Dictated Terms to Ireland

Jean-Claude Trichet warned Ireland crisis funds propping up collapsed banks in 2010 would be withdrawn unless they asked for a rescue package ‘With regard to threats, the ECB does not operate that way. Jean-Claude Trichet is a perfect gentleman.” That’s what Michael Noonan told me in the Dail Chamber on November 2, 2011. In light...
Trichet's Threats

Trichet’s Threats

I discussed Jean Claude Trichet’s secret and threatening letter to Brian Lenihan sent on November 19th, 2010, on Morning Ireland with Audrey Carville. The letters were released by the Irish Times, after some sterling work from There’s a bit more detail about the background to these letters came to light here.