Broadband Plan is Bonkers

Yesterday’s Cabinet decision to privatise the new fibre optic network is not one of those common or garden political mistakes. It’s a huge mistake. Whopping. It is, in fact, one of those ‘Oh no, we’ve just privatised our national fibre optic network’ sort of mistakes. The sort that leaves the future of your nation’s critical business and social infrastructure in the hands of ‘who knows ’cause it’s for sale on the international market’. The national fibre network needs to be managed, and invested in, in the interests of Ireland, not in the interests of the shareholders of some random fund run out of anywhere on earth. And it’s not like we haven’t done this before – Eircom – surely to God Eircom taught us everything we needed to know about privatising strategic infrastructure. It appears not. Here’s my contribution on same in the Dáil.