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Germany tells us to drop dead. What's our response?

Germany tells us to drop dead. What’s our response?

Earlier in the week Germany’s Wolfgang Schaeuble, the Netherlands’ Jan Kees de Jager and Finland’s Jutta Urpilainen issued a joint statement saying the ESM should not be allowed to use any of the €500bn fund to pay for previous bailouts: “The ESM can take direct responsibility of problems that occur under the new supervision, but...

This week’s motion on the Magdalene Laundries

This week the Dáil will discuss a private members business motion on the Magdalene Laundries. This motion recommends an investigation of the state’s interaction with the Magdalene Laundries, and requests an apology and redress from the state to the estimated 30,000 women and girls who were forced to become “penitents”. I felt it was important...

The Children’s Rights Referendum: Get Informed

Last week saw the publication of the proposed wording for the constitutional referendum on the rights of children. Minister Fitzgerald told me that this would be progressed through Dáil during the week of 24th September and progressed through Seanad during the week of 1st October. The referendum itself will take place on Saturday, November 10,...

Saving Bus Eireann’s Number 2 Service to Saint Vincent’s

I was disgusted to hear of the plans to curtail Bus Eireann’s Number 2 service. Under new plans the number 2 will serve St. Vincent’s Hospital only once a day in each direction. The reason for this? Heavy traffic. I have contacted the national Transport Authority and am calling on Minister Leo Varadkar to intervene....

Talking to RTE News in Bray

On Monday, September 17, the people of Bray and Ballyhea joined forces to protest against the payment of unsecured bondholders. RTE’s Six One News came along to see the march and talk to me about the upcoming Dail term and the looming budget. Here’s the clip.
Bray Comes Out to Oppose Bondholder Payout

Bray Comes Out to Oppose Bondholder Payout

Earlier in the week a Large crowd came out in Bray to protest against the payment of unsecured bondholders. The people of Bray joined forces with the people of Ballyhea in Cork, who have been protesting since the government started paying unsecured bondholders in March 2011. I was delighted to invite the people of Ballyhea...