An Update on the New School of Greystones

This week, Councillor Jennifer Whitmore and I asked the Department of Education what progress has been made in establishing a new primary school in the Greystones area. The Department has confirmed that they have begun the process to find a new patron for the school and that the closing date for patron applications is the 20th March 2015. In the meantime, the Department is also seeking to secure temporary start-up accommodation for the school.
I was delighted to see that the new school is moving forward and that the Department are seeking a temporary location. In the Charlesland area, there is a clear need to increase primary school places, the new school will address this issue.
I have campaigned for a number of years for a new school in the area, today’s announcement makes this a reality. Cllr. Jennifer Whitmore and I have held public meetings, organised a petition, met with the Department’s forward planning team, made representations to two Ministers for Education and provided detailed analysis that proved the need for a school in the area.
Jennifer has told me that she is delighted to see that the Department is moving quickly on getting this school set up. Already this year, parents have approached her concerned that they have no junior infant places for their children for September 2015. It would be a huge relief to parents if the new primary school was in operation this year.