A Cobbled- Together Collection of Wish Lists

The Programme for Government contains many worthwhile initiatives that we would like to see come to fruition but there are also problems with the lofty and often vague plans as to how to deliver on the promises and also some glaring gaps – there is nothing regarding Higher Education funding for example.

The Taoiseach himself has described the document as ‘ambitious and optimistic’ and while a Government should absolutely be both ambitious and optimistic it must also have very concrete plans as to how to achieve those ambitions.

The programme makes reference to a winter A&E plan for example; this strikes me as a band-aid solution to flashpoint of a year round crisis. In fact the entire section on health is quite worrying with it’s very obviously slanted towards private interests and this is something that much be challenged.

The new arrangement of the Dáil ensures that The Social Democrats will work collaboratively with all other members of the Dáil to try deliver on the promises that most benefit society but we will also challenge the parts of what is clearly a cobbled-together collection of wish lists that are simply not achievable or acceptable.

Programme for Government